Skycatcher is an investment management firm with a mission to invest in the next stage of the Internet: virtual worlds. This can mean the metaverse, digital assets, blockchains, or video games—however you define them, we believe virtual worlds will overtake analog worlds in the coming decades. This shift will transform the Internet from one in which we simply consume information to one where value creation becomes borderless and engagement is deeply intertwined with our social lives.

It is during times like these, times of great disruption and change, that life-changing new platforms and businesses are created, and these are what we seek to identify, power, and support. We do this through deep fundamental due diligence, acting as business owners alongside our founders and management teams. Moreover, we aren’t just investors, but we also truly live in the products underlying our investments—so much so that we’ve built our own virtual world.

Our Master Fund invests exclusively in Internet and software companies across a spectrum of public, private, and venture companies. We employ a highly concentrated mandate that combines the “best of both worlds of investing” - the visionary, change-the-world, upside ambition of venture capital with the extremely high conviction, high batting average of fundamental value driven investing. And for the truly disruptive, and most innovative internet opportunities, our Crypto Fund leverages deep technical and product experience to invest strategically in tokenized protocols. We focus on category-defining projects which are open, decentralized, and derive fundamental value. Here we are pioneering investments into autonomous software which facilitate important, valuable services for society at scale.