Skycatcher is a software and Internet investor across the "full stack" of public, private, venture capital, and onchain digital asset classes. Our full-stack investment capability powers our fundamental vision: that the future of humanity is a world of “virtual worlds.”

In the coming decades, standalone virtual worlds will emerge online that don't simply supplement physical reality, but also provide more meaningful and even more “real” alternatives to it. This will unfold in parallel with continuing advancements in the capabilities of artificial intelligence, as well as blockchain technology and governance. The combination will accelerate the continued paradigm shift in society's mindshare from physical to virtual worlds.

We see ourselves not as institutional investors managing passive portfolios, but rather as entrepreneurs working with entrepreneurs, with the same passion for products, the same long-term time horizon, the same creative and experimental spirit, and the same willingness to work to tilt the odds in our favor. This is reflected in our bottoms-up deep due diligence, in our partnerships alongside founders and management teams, and in the concentration and conviction of our portfolio, which captures a holistic pie of the different risk/reward profiles available to Internet investors, all the way from "undervalued current cash flows" to "underappreciated blue sky opportunity."